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What is the difference between html and dhtml?
Briefly distinguish between HTML and DHTML?
Asked by Suhani Dixit | Jul 6 2018 | Report this Report abuse
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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the actual markup language web pages are displayed in. It creates static content on a web page.

DHTML is not a language but a technology. It stands for Dynamic HTML and it's using HTML, CSS and Javascript together to create web pages that are not static displays only, but the content is actually dynamic in response to what a visitor does on a page.

DHTML is all client side. That means all the dynamic actions occuring on the web page controlled by the Javascript is first loaded onto the client browser so that's where everything happens. If you want new content, requests have to be made to the server which then reloads the web page you are viewing.

The next evolutionary step in web site development which you probably have heard of is "Ajax".

Ajax is DHTML plus one new thing: making server calls. So the web page can make server requests for new information and pass that to the client web browser without having to reload a whole new page.
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